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Xinxiang Shengda Filtration Technique Co Ltd is engaged in designing and manufacturing filtration products since establishment in 1998 Many professional engineers experts devote to filtration purification research and applications to offer technical support for the product designing and manufacturing With advanced manufacturing equipments sophisticated production technology sound quality assurance system we have passed the ISO 9001 2008 quality management system ISO 14001 2004 Environmental Management System OHSMS18001 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System E J9001 2014 Nuclear Industry Quality Management System Design and Manufacture License of Category A1 A2 Design and...

Categories and Products

Pressure Filter

Single Housing Pressure Filter

Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 30 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 60 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 110 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 140 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 160 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 240 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 280 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 330 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 500 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 660 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 990 Oil Pressure Inline Filter Single Housing 1320 

Double Housing Pressure Filter

Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 30 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 60 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 110 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 160 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 240 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 280 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 500 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 660 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 990 Hydraulic Oil Change-Over Inline Filter 1320 

Flange-Mounted Pressure Filter

Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 30 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 60 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 110 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 140 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 160 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 240 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 280 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 330 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 500 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 660 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 990 Hydraulic Oil Pressure Flange-Mounted Filter 1320 

Sandwich Stacking Pressure Filter

Hydraulic Pressure Sandwich Stacking Filter 30 Hydraulic Pressure Sandwich Stacking Filter 60 Hydraulic Pressure Sandwich Stacking Filter 110 

Hydraulic Filter

Single Housing Filter

Hydraulic Return Line Filter 30 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 60 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 110 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 160 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 240 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 330 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 660 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 850 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 950 Hydraulic Return Line Filter 1300 

Double Housing Filter

Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 60 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 0110 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 160 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 0240 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 0330 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 0660 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 0950 Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Filter 1300 Change-Over Return Line Filter SDRFLD CAST 60 Change-Over Return Line Filter SDRFLD CAST 110 

Welded Version Filter

Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 1300 Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 2500 Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 4000 Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 5200 Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 6500 Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 7800 Hydraulic Inline Welded Version Filter 15000 

Cast Version Filter

Hydraulic Inline Cast Version Filter 661 Hydraulic Inline Cast Version Filter 850 Hydraulic Inline Cast Version Filter 851 Hydraulic Inline Cast Version Filter 951 Hydraulic Inline Cast Version Filter 1301 

Filter Element

W/HC Filter Element

SS Wire Mesh Inline Filter Element SS Wire Mesh Return Line Filter Element SS Change-Over Return Line Filter Element SS Wire Mesh Change-Over Line Filter Element SS Wire Mesh Manifold Mounted Return Line Filter Element 0030 Return Line Filter Element 0060 Return Line Filter Element 0110 Return Line Filter Element 0140 

V/HC Filter Element

Metal Fibre Inline Filter Element Metal Fibre Return Line Filter Element Metal Fibre Change-Over Return Line Filter Element Metal Fibre Change-Over Inline Filter Element Metal Fibre Manifold Mounted Filter Element 

P/HC Filter Element

Paper Inline Filter Element Paper Return Line Filter Element Paper Change-Over Return Line Filter Element Paper Change-Over Inline Filter Element Paper Manifold Mounted Filter Element 

BN/HC Filter Element

Hydraulic Fiberglass Inline Filter Element Hydraulic Fiberglass Return Line Filter Element Hydraulic Fiberglass Change-over Return Line filter element Hydraulic Fiberglass Change-over Inline filter element Hydraulic Fiberglass Manifold Mounted Filter Element Change-over Return Line Filter Element 0035 Change-over Return Line Filter Element 0055 Change-over Return Line Filter Element 0060 Change-over Return Line Filter Element 0075 Change-over Return Line Filter Element 0095 Inline Filter Element 0030 Inline Filter Element 0035 

BH/HC Filter Element

Hydraulic Fiberglass Inline Pressure Filter Element Hydraulic Fiberglass Return Line Pressure Filter Element Hydraulic Change-Over Return Line Pressure Filter Element Hydraulic Fiberglass Change-Over Inline Filter Element Hydraulic Manifold Mounted Pressure Filter Element Change-over Return Line Filter Element 0030 Inline Filter Element 0055 Inline Filter Element 0060 Inline Filter Element 0075 Inline Filter Element 0095 Inline Filter Element 0110 Inline Filter Element 0140 Inline Filter Element 0160 Inline Filter Element 0240 

Oil-Gas Separator

Compressor Filter

Compressor Oil Gas Separator Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Ingersoll Rand Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For KAESER Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Atlas Copco Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Sullair Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Leybold Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Aerzen Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Adicomp Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Parise Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Almig Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Planet-Air Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For SCC Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For KTC Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Becker Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For ELGI Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For SCHNEIDER Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Cormak Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Rotair Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Comprag Compressor Oil-Gas Separator For Hertz 

Cylindrical Johnson Screen

Basket Shaped Johnson Screen

Corrosion Resistant Monel 400 Sea Water Filter Element SS Johnson Wedge Wire Coal Centrifuge Basket 

Conical Johnson Screen

Stainless Steel Cone Filter Element 

Tubal Johnson Screen

Stainless Steel Automatic Backwashing Filter Element Anti-corrosion Longitudinal Stainless Steel Piping Strainer Wedge Wire Stainless Steel Outlet Collector Johnson Screen Filtration Tube for Beer Filter 304 Inverted Radial External Wire Filter Element 316 Radial Internal Wire Filter Element 316L Axial Internal Wire Filter Element 304 Axial Internal Wire Filter Element Johnson Sand Control Screen Pipe SS Header Lateral for Fluid Filtration Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Distributor SS Solid Wedge Wire Collector Header Laterals SS316 Wedge Wire Screen Header lateral Johnson Wedge Wire Screen Header Lateral Pipe Flange Connection Lateral Distributor Filter Wedge Wire Screen Header Lateral for Drainage System SS Wedge Wire Screen for Resin Traps Filter Water Collector for Conical Shape Bottom SS Collector with Parallel Laterals and Elbow Wedge Wire Screen Collector with Hub Spokes 

Nozzle Cap

Wedge Wire Nozzle for Industrial Water Treatment Stainless Steel Water Nozzle Filter Sand Filter Nozzle Cap for Water Treatment SS Water Slot Filter Nozzle Cup Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Single Headed Filter Nozzle Long Handled Johnson Screen Water Strainer Nozzle SS304 OD 53mm Water Filter Nozzle Sand Filter Nozzle for Water Treatment Wedge Wire Sea Water Sand Nozzle Johnson Wedge Wire Double Flow Rating Filter Nozzle Double Head Filter Nozzle for Water Softener System Short Handle Sand Control Nozzle Filter Strainer Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle for Desalination Wedge Wire Nozzle for Sand Filter 

Platelike Johnson Screen

Johnson Screen Sieve Plate

Stainless Steel High Pressure Sieve Plate 304 High Pressure Resistance Steel Sieve Plate Stainless Steel Multi-layer High Precision Filter Plate SS Flat Weld Johnson Screen Panel Johnson V Shape Slot Screen for Water Treatment Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Sieve Plate SS Johnson Coal Washing Vibrating Screen Flat Welding Sieve Screen for Ground Leakage Wedge Wire Screen Sieve Plate Water Filter Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Rectangle Sieve Plate Johnson Screen Rectangle Sieve Plate Johnson Wedge Wire Filter Plate Johnson Screen Vibration Machine for Food Oil Plant 0.2mm Slot Sieve Plate for Water Filter 

Johnson Screen Support Grid

Stainless Steel Pertrochemical Support Grid Wedge Wire Support Grid for Reactor Support Grid in 3 Segements for Malting Floors Johnson Screen V-Shape Wire Support Grid Johnson Screen Support Grid for Hydrogenation Reactors Support Grid for Gas Desulfurization Reactor 

Curved Platelike Johnson Screen

Overflow Water Arc Sieve for Extrusion Granulation System Stainless Steel 304 Curved Sieve Plate Stainless Steel Bow Johnson Screen 120 Degree Curved Johnson Screen for Starch SS Vibrating Johnson Screen for Mining Industry Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Curve Screen Fishpond Water Treatment Curve Screen Aquaculture Hillside Johnson Screen Johnson Screen Starch Arc Sieve Plate Johnson Screen Wedge Wire Stainless Steel Filter Bow Wedge Wire Arch Shape Johnson Sieve Plate Overflow Water Filter Sieve Bed Johnson Screen Slit Sieve Plate 

Circular Platelike Johnson Screen

Circular Stainless Steel Perforated Sieve Plate Round Shape Wedge Wire Sieve Plate Circle Wedge Wire SS Filter Screen for Industrial Circular Wedge Wire Filter Plate for Beer Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Round Plate 

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